Title : Use Libreoffice Calc to make 3D models
Author: Solène
Date : 27 April 2021
Tags : fun
# Introduction
Today I will share with you a simple python script turning a 2D picture defined by numbers and colors in a spreadsheet into a 3D model in OpenSCAD.
# How to install
Short instructions how to install sheetstruder, I will send some documentation upstream. You need git and python and later you will need openscad and a spreadsheet tool.
```shell instructions
git clone https://git.hackers.town/seachaint/sheetstruder.git
cd sheetstruder
python3 -m venv sandbox
. sandbox/bin/activate
python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt
You will need to be in this shell (you need at least the activate command) to make it work.
# How to use
Open a spreadsheet tool that is able to export in format xlsx, type a number to create a solid object of this width (1 = 1 pixel, 2 = 3 pixels because it's mirrored) and put a background color in your cell. Save your file as xlsx.
Run "python3 ./sheetstruder.py yourfile.xlsx > file.scad" and open the file in OpenSCAD, enjoy!
# Examples
I made a simple house with grass around, an antenna, cheminey with smoke, a door and window in it.
=> static/maison-calc.png House in Libreoffice Calc
=> static/maison-3D.png House rendered in OpenSCAD from the sheetstruder export
# More resources