Title : New blog feature: Fediverse comments
Author: Solène
Date : 16 May 2020
Tags : fediverse automation
I added a new feature to my blog today, when I post a new blog article this
will trigger my dedicated Mastodon user
[https://bsd.network/@solenepercent](https://bsd.network/@solenepercent) to
publish a Toot so people can discuss the content there.
Every article now contains a link to the toot if you want to discuss about an
This is not perfect but a good trade-off I think:
1. the website remains static and light (nothing is included, only one more
link per blog post)
2. people who would like to discuss about it can proceed in a known place
instead of writing reactions on reddit or other places without a chance for
me to asnwer
3. this is not relying on proprietary services
Of course, if you want to give me feedback, I'm still happy to reply to emails
or on IRC.