Title : How to read a epub book in a terminal
Author: Solène
Date : 17 April 2018
Tags : unix
If you ever had to read an ebook in a epub format, you may have find
yourself stumbling on *Calibre* software. Personally, I don't enjoy
reading a book in *Calibre* at all. Choice is important and it seems
that *Calibre* is the only choice for this task.
But, as the epub format is very simple, it's possible to easily read
it with any web browser even w3m or lynx.
With a few commands, you can easily find xhtml files that can be
opened with a web browser, an epub file is a zip containing mostly
xhtml, css and images files. The xhtml files have links to CSS and
images contained in others folders unzipped.
In the following commands, I prefer to copy the file in a new
directory because when you will unzip it, it will create folder in
your current working directory.
$ mkdir /tmp/myebook/
$ cd /tmp/myebook
$ cp ~/book.epub .
$ unzip book.epub
$ cd OPS/xhtml
$ ls *xhtml
I tried with differents epub files, in most case you should find a lot
of files named chapters-XX.xhtml with XX being 01, 02, 03 and so
forth. Just open the files in the correct order with a web browser aka
"html viewer".