Title : Drist release with persistent ssh
Author: Solène
Date : 18 February 2019
Tags : unix automation drist
Drist see its release 1.04 available. This adds support for the flag `-p` to
make the ssh connection persistent across the script using the ssh
ControlMaster feature. This fixes one use case where you modify ssh keys in two
operations: copy file + script to change permissions and this makes drist a lot
faster for fast tasks.
Drist makes a first ssh connection to get the real hostname of the remote
machine, and then will ssh for each step (copy, copy-hostname, absent,
absent-hostname, script, script-hostname), this mean in the use case where you
copy one file and reload a service, it was doing **3** connections. Now with
the persistent flag, drist will keep the first connection and reusing it,
closing the control socket at the end of the script.
Drist is now 121 lines long.
[Download v1.04](ftp://ftp.bitreich.org/releases/drist/drist-v1.04.tgz)
SHA512 checksum, it is split it in two to not break the display: