Title : Low bandwidth: Fetch OpenBSD sources
Author: Solène
Date : 09 November 2017
Tags : openbsd66 openbsd
When you fetch OpenBSD src or ports from CVS and that you want to save
bandwidth during the process there is a **little** trick that change
everything: **compression**
Just add `-z9` to the parameter of your cvs command line and the
remote server will send you compressed files, saving 10 times the
bandwidth, or speeding up 10 times the transfer, or both (I'm in the
case where I have differents users on my network and I'm limiting my
incoming bandwidth so other people can have bandwidth too so it is
important to reduce the packets transffered if possible).
The command line should looks like:
$ cvs -z9 -qd anoncvs@anoncvs.fr.openbsd.org:/cvs checkout -P src
Don't abuse this, this consumes CPU on the mirror.