Title : Port of the week: bwm-ng
Author: Solène
Date : 06 May 2016
Tags : portoftheweek network
I am starting a periodic posting for something I wanted to do since a
long time. Take a port in the tree and introduce it quickly. There are
tons of ports in the tree that we don't know about. So, I will write
frequently about ports that I use frequently and that I find useful,
if you read this, maybe I will find a new tool to your collection of
"useful program". :-)
For a first one, I would like to present **net/bwm-ng**. Its name
stands for “_BandWitch Monitor next-generation_”, it allows the user
to watch in real-time the bandwith usage of the different network
interfaces. By default, it will update the display every 0.5
second. You can change the frequency of updating by pressing keys '+'
and '-'.
Let see the bindings of the interactive mode :
- **'t'** will cycle between current rate, maximum peak, sum, average
on 30 seconds.
- **'n'** will cycle between data sources, on OpenBSD it defaults to
"getifaddrs" and you can also choose "sysctl" or "netstat -i".
- **'d'** will change the unit, by default it shows KB but you can
change to another units that suits better your current data.
Summary output after downloading a file
bwm-ng v0.6.1 (probing every 5.700s), press 'h' for help
input: getifaddrs type: sum
- iface Rx Tx Total
lo0: 0.00 B 0.00 B 0.00 B
em0: 19.89 MB 662.82 KB 20.54 MB
pflog0: 0.00 B 0.00 B 0.00 B
total: 19.89 MB 662.82 KB 20.54 MB
It's available on *BSD, Linux and maybe others.
In OpenBSD ports tree, look for **net/bwm-ng**.