Title : BitreichCON 2019 talks available
Author: Solène
Date : 27 August 2019
Tags : unix drist automation awk
Earlier in August 2019 happened the BitreichCON 2019.
There was awesome talks there during two days but there are two I would
like to share. You can find all the informations about this event at the
following address with the Gopher protocol gopher://bitreich.org/1/con/2019
BrCON talks are happening through an audio stream, a ssh session for
viewing the current slide and IRC for questions. I have the markdown
files producing the slides (1 title = 1 slide) and the audio recording.
## Simple solutions
This is a talk I have made for this conference. It as about using simple
solutions for most problems. Simple solutions come with simple tools,
unix tools. I explain with real life examples like how to retrieve my
blog articles titles from the website using curl, grep, tr or awk.
[Link to the
[Link to the
## Experiences with drist
Another talk from Parazyd about my deployment tool **Drist** so I feel
obligated to share it with you.
In his talk he makes a comparison with **slack** (debian package, not the
online community), explains his workflow with Drist and how it saves his
precious time.
[Link to the
[Link to the
### About the bitreich community
If you want to know more about the bitreich community, check
[gopher://bitreich.org](gopher://bitreich.org) or IRC #bitreich-en on Freenode
There is also the [bitreich website](https://bitreich.org) which
is a website parody of the worse of what you can daily see.