Title : Presenting Reed-alert at BitreichCON 2018
Author: Solène
Date : 20 August 2018
Tags : unix
As the author of **reed-alert** monitoring tool I have been speaking
about my software at the bitreich conference 2018.
For the quick intro, **reed-alert** is a software to get notified when
something is wrong on your server, it's fully customizable and really
How to fetch **reed-alert**
git clone git://bitreich.org/reed-alert
It was my very first talk in english, please be indulgent.
[Plain text slides (tgz)](https://perso.pw/bitreichcon2018/reed-alert-solene.tgz)
[MP3 of the talk](https://perso.pw/bitreichcon2018/bitreichcon2018-reed-alert-solene-talk.mp3)
[MP3 of questions/answers](https://perso.pw/bitreichcon2018/bitreichcon2018-reed-alert-solene-qa.mp3)
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