Title : Port of the week: arandr
Author: Solène
Date : 27 June 2016
Tags : portoftheweek
Today the Port of the week is **x11/arandr**, it's a very simple tool
to set-up your screen display when using multiple monitors. It's very
handy when you want to make something complicated or don't want to use
xrandr in command line. There is not much to say because it's **very**
easy to use!
It can generates your current configuration as a script that you will find
under the `~/.screenlayout/` repertory. This is quite useful to configure your
screens from your ~/.xsession file in case a monitor is connected.
xrandr | grep "HDMI-2 connected" && .screenlayout/dual-monitor.sh
If HDMI-2 has a screen connected, when I log-in my session, I will have my
dual-monitor setup!