Welcome to Solene gopher space. I like to learn and share stuff with
people. My interests are '(OpenBSD Lisp cmdline Gaming).
I _love_ % and lambda characters. I'm OpenBSD developer solene@.
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πŸ“Reviewing some open source distraction free editors 20210915
πŸ“Blog update 2021 20210915
πŸ“Managing /etc/hosts on NixOS 20210914
πŸ“Workaround for an OpenBSD boot error on APU boards 20210910
πŸ“Dear open source developers 20210909
πŸ“Port of the Week: pngquant 20210907
πŸ“Review of ElementaryOS 6 (Odin) 20210906
πŸ“Playing with a new shell: fish 20210905
πŸ“External GPU on Linux review 20210901
πŸ“Fair Internet bandwidth management on a network using OpenBSD 20210830
πŸ“pkgupdate, an OpenBSD script to update packages fast 20210815
πŸ“Faster packages updates with OpenBSD 20210806
πŸ“Register multiples wifi networks on OpenBSD 20210805
πŸ“Automatically lock screen on OpenBSD using xidle and xlock 20210730
πŸ“Studying the impact of being on Hacker News first page 20210727
πŸ“The Old Computer Challenge: 10 days later, what changed? 20210726
πŸ“OpenBSD full Tor setup 20210725
πŸ“Why self hosting is important 20210723
πŸ“Self host your Podcast easily with potcasse 20210721
πŸ“Simple scripts I made over time 20210719
πŸ“The Old Computer Challenge: day 7 20210716
πŸ“The Old Computer Challenge: day 6 20210715
πŸ“Filtering spam using Rspamd and OpenSMTPD on OpenBSD 20210713
πŸ“The Old Computer Challenge: day 3 20210712
πŸ“The Old Computer Challenge: day 1 20210710
πŸ“Obsolete in the IT crossfire 20210709
πŸ“OpenBSD: pkg_add performance analysis 20210708
πŸ“The Old Computer Challenge 20210707
πŸ“Track changes in /etc with etckeeper 20210706
πŸ“Gentoo cheatsheet 20210705
πŸ“Listing every system I used 20210702
πŸ“How to choose a communication protocol 20210625
πŸ“How to use the Open Graph Protocol for your website 20210621
πŸ“Using the I2P network with OpenBSD and NixOS 20210620
πŸ“Run your Gemini server on Guix with Agate 20210617
πŸ“How to use Tor only for onion addresses in a web browser 20210612
πŸ“Guix: easily run Linux binaries 20210610
πŸ“Guix: fetch packages from other Guix in the LAN 20210607
πŸ“GearBSD: managing your packages on OpenBSD 20210602
πŸ“GearBSD: a project to help automating your OpenBSD 20210601
πŸ“(R)?ex automation for deploying Matrix synapse on OpenBSD 20210531
πŸ“Kakoune: filetype based on filename 20210530
πŸ“Using dpb on OpenBSD for package compilation cluster 20210530
πŸ“Extend Guix Linux with the nonguix repository 20210527
πŸ“How to use Wireguard VPN on Guix 20210522
πŸ“Backup software: borg vs restic 20210521
πŸ“How to setup wireguard on NixOS 20210518
πŸ“How to switch to NixOS development version 20210517
πŸ“Turn your Xorg in black and white 20210515
πŸ“Why do I write this blog? 20210514
πŸ“Simple solution VS over-engineering 20210513
πŸ“Introduction to git-annex (Port Of The Week) 20210512
πŸ“Introduction to security good practices 20210509
πŸ“How to run a NixOS VM as an OpenBSD guest 20210508
πŸ“How to install Gnome on OpenBSD 20210507
πŸ“Synchronization files software 20210504
πŸ“OpenBSD: getting started 20210503
πŸ“OpenBSD 6.9 packages using IPFS 20210501
πŸ“Use Libreoffice Calc to make 3D models 20210427
πŸ“Port of the week: pup 20210422
πŸ“Bandwidth management in go-IPFS 20210418
πŸ“Introduction to IPFS 20210417
πŸ“Port of the week: musikcube 20210415
πŸ“Easy text transmission from computer to smartphone 20210325
πŸ“Opensource from an author point of view 20210323
πŸ“Securely share a secret using Shamir's secret sharing 20210321
πŸ“How to split a file into small parts 20210321
πŸ“Port of the week: diffoscope 20210320
πŸ“Port of the week: pmenu 20210312
πŸ“Easy spamAssassin with OpenSMTPD 20210310
πŸ“Implement a Β«Command not foundΒ» handler in OpenBSD 20210309
πŸ“Top 12 best opensource games available on OpenBSD 20210307
πŸ“Port of the week: checkrestart 20210302
πŸ“Port of the week: shapez.io - a libre factory gaming 20210226
πŸ“Nginx as a TCP/UDP relay 20210224
πŸ“Port of the week: catgirl irc client 20210222
πŸ“Full list of services offered by a default OpenBSD installation 20210216
πŸ“What security does a default OpenBSD installation offer? 20210214
πŸ“Movies review 20210214
πŸ“Firejail on Linux to sandbox all the things 20210214
πŸ“Bandwidth limiting on OpenBSD 6.8 20210207
πŸ“How to set a system wide bandwidth limit on Linux systems 20210206
πŸ“Filtering TCP connections by operating system on OpenBSD 20210206
πŸ“Using pkgsrc on OpenBSD 20210206
πŸ“Enable multi-factor authentication on OpenBSD 20210206
πŸ“NixOS review: pros and cons 20210122
πŸ“Vger security analysis 20210114
πŸ“Free time partitionning 20210106
πŸ“Toward a simpler lifestyle 20210104
πŸ“[FR] Pourquoi j'utilise OpenBSD 20210104
πŸ“[FR] MΓ©thodes de publication de mon blog sur plusieurs mΓ©dias 20210103
πŸ“My blog workflow 20210103
πŸ“Port of the week: Lagrange 20210102
πŸ“Vger gemini server can now redirect 20210102
πŸ“Movies reviews 2021 week 01 20210101
πŸ“Host your Cryptpad web office suite with OpenBSD 20201214
πŸ“Personal posts are coming 20201212
πŸ“Kakoune editor cheatsheet 20201202
πŸ“How to deploy Vger gemini server on OpenBSD 20201130
πŸ“About Language Server Protocol and Kakoune text editor 20201124
πŸ“[7th floor] Nethack story of Sery the tourist 20201124
πŸ“FuguITA: OpenBSD live-cd 20201118
πŸ“Why I use OpenBSD 20201116
πŸ“Toward an automated tracking of OpenBSD ports contributions 20201115
πŸ“The Nethack story of Sery the tourist 20201115
πŸ“Full featured Slackware email server with sendmail and cyrus-imapd 20201114
πŸ“How to use Slackware community slackbuilds 20201113
πŸ“About the offline laptop project 20201110
πŸ“Keyboard tweaks to use Xorg on an IBook laptop 20201109
πŸ“Connect to Mastodon using HTTP 1.0 with Brutaldon 20201109
πŸ“Join the peer to peer social network Scuttlebutt using OpenBSD and Oasis20201104
πŸ“How the OpenBSD -stable packages are built 20201029
πŸ“Port of the week: rclone 20201028
πŸ“OpenVPN as the default gateway on OpenBSD 20201027
πŸ“A curated non-violent games list 20201018
πŸ“Making a home NAS using NixOS 20201018
πŸ“NixOS optional features in packages 20201014
πŸ“Unlock a full disk encryption NixOS with usb memory stick 20201006
πŸ“Playing chess by email 20200928
πŸ“About pipelining OpenBSD ports contributions 20200927
πŸ“Docker cheatsheet 20200924
πŸ“A few tips about the cd command 20200904
πŸ“Find which package provides a given file in OpenBSD 20200904
πŸ“Download files listed in a http index with wget 20200616
πŸ“Birthday dates management using calendar 20200615
πŸ“prose - Blogging with email 20200611
πŸ“Gaming on OpenBSD 20200605
πŸ“Beautiful background pictures on OpenBSD 20200520
πŸ“CommunautΓ© OpenBSD franΓ§aise 20200517
πŸ“New blog feature: Fediverse comments 20200516
πŸ“FreeBSD 12.1 on a laptop 20200511
πŸ“Enable dark mode on Firefox 20200504
πŸ“Aggregate internet links with mlvpn 20200328
πŸ“OpenBSD -current - Frequently Asked Questions 20200327
πŸ“Advice for working remotely from home 20200317
πŸ“A day as an OpenBSD developer 20200219
πŸ“Daily life with the offline laptop 20200218
πŸ“Cycling / bike trips and opensource 20200206
πŸ“Common LISP awk macro for easy text file operations 20200204
πŸ“Using the OpenBSD ports tree with dedicated users 20200111
πŸ“Using rsnapshot for easy backups 20200110
πŸ“Crop a video using ffmpeg 20191220
πŸ“Separate or merge audio and video using ffmpeg 20191220
πŸ“Playing CrossCode within a web browser 20191209
πŸ“Host your own wikipedia backup 20191113
πŸ“Creating new users dedicated to processes 20191112
πŸ“How to remove a part of a video using ffmpeg 20191002
πŸ“GPG2 cheatsheet 20190906
πŸ“BitreichCON 2019 talks available 20190827
πŸ“Stream live video using nginx 20190826
πŸ“Minimalistic markdown subset to html converter using awk 20190826
πŸ“Life with an offline laptop 20190823
πŸ“OpenBSD -stable packages 20190814
πŸ“OpenBSD ttyplot examples 20190729
πŸ“Realtime bandwidth terminal graph visualization 20190719
πŸ“Streaming to Twitch using OpenBSD 20190706
πŸ“High quality / low latency VOIP server with umurmur/Mumble on OpenBSD 20190704
πŸ“Nginx and acme-client on OpenBSD 20190704
πŸ“OpenBSD as an IPv6 router 20190613
πŸ“RSS feed for OpenBSD stable packages repository (made with XSLT) 20190605
πŸ“Simple way to use ssh tunnels in scripts 20190515
πŸ“Kermit command line to fetch remote files through ssh 20190515
πŸ“Simple shared folder with Samba on OpenBSD 6.5 20190515
πŸ“Neomutt cheatsheet 20190423
πŸ“Create a dedicated user for ssh tunneling only 20190417
πŸ“Deploying munin-node with drist 20190417
πŸ“Playing Slay the Spire on OpenBSD 20190401
πŸ“Using haproxy for TLS layer 20190307
πŸ“Add a TLS layer to your Gopher server 20190307
πŸ“OpenBSD and iSCSI part2: the initiator (client) 20190221
πŸ“OpenBSD and iSCSI part1: the target (server) 20190221
πŸ“Drist release with persistent ssh 20190218
πŸ“Aspell to check spelling 20190212
πŸ“Port of the week: sct 20190207
πŸ“How to parallelize Drist 20190206
πŸ“Vincent Delft talk at FOSDEM 2019: OpenBSD as a full-featured NAS 20190205
πŸ“Transfer your files with Kermit 20190131
πŸ“Some 2019 news 20190114
πŸ“Fun tip #3: Split a line using ed 20181204
πŸ“Configuration deployment made easy with drist 20181129
πŸ“Fun tip #2: Display trailing spaces using ed 20181129
πŸ“Tor part 6: onionshare for sharing files anonymously 20181121
πŸ“Tor part 5: onioncat for IPv6 VPN over tor 20181113
πŸ“Moving away from Emacs, 130 days after 20181113
πŸ“Fun tip #1: Apply a diff with ed 20181113
πŸ“Play Stardew Valley on OpenBSD 20181109
πŸ“Safely restrict commands through SSH 20181108
πŸ“Tor part 4: run a relay 20181108
πŸ“File versioning with rcs 20181031
πŸ“Configure OpenSMTPD to relay on a network 20181029
πŸ“Tor part 3: Tor Browser 20181024
πŸ“Show OpenSMTPD queue and force sending queued mails 20181024
πŸ“New cl-yag version 20181012
πŸ“Tor part 2: hidden service 20181011
πŸ“Tor part 1: how-to use Tor 20181010
πŸ“Create a new OpenBSD partition from unused space 20180920
πŸ“Display the size of installed packages ordered by size 20180911
πŸ“News about the blog 20180911
πŸ“Manage ”nice” priority of daemons on OpenBSD 20180911
πŸ“Configuration of OpenSMTPD to relay mails to outbound smtp server 20180906
πŸ“RSS Feed available for OpenBSD-current special instructions 20180830
πŸ“Automatic switch wifi/ethernet on OpenBSD 20180830
πŸ“Presenting drist at BitreichCON 2018 20180821
πŸ“Presenting Reed-alert at BitreichCON 2018 20180820
πŸ“Generate qrcode using command line 20180714
πŸ“Tmux mastery 20180705
πŸ“Writing an article using mdoc format 20180703
πŸ“Trying to move away from emacs 20180703
πŸ“Easy encrypted backups on OpenBSD with base tools 20180626
πŸ“Change default application for xdg-open 20180625
πŸ“Share a tmux session with someone with tmate 20180601
πŸ“Deploying cron programmaticaly the unix way 20180531
πŸ“Mount a folder on another folder 20180522
πŸ“Faster SSH with multiplexing 20180522
πŸ“Sending mail with mu4e 20180522
πŸ“Autoscrolling text for lazy reading 20180517
πŸ“Port of the week: Sent 20180515
πŸ“Use ramdisk on /tmp on OpenBSD 20180508
πŸ“Mounting remote samba share through SSH tunnel 20180504
πŸ“Extract files from winmail.dat 20180502
πŸ“Port of the week: ledger 20180502
πŸ“Port of the week: dnstop 20180418
πŸ“How to read a epub book in a terminal 20180417
πŸ“Port of the week: tig 20180410
πŸ“Unofficial OpenBSD FAQ 20180316
πŸ“Monitor your systems with reed-alert 20180117
πŸ“New cl-yag version 20171216
πŸ“How to merge changes with git when you are a noob 20171213
πŸ“How to type using only one hand: keyboard mirroring 20171212
πŸ“Showing some Common Lisp features 20171205
πŸ“Allow wide resolution on intel graphics laptop 20171122
πŸ“Low bandwidth: Fetch OpenBSD sources 20171109
πŸ“Gentoo port of the week: slrn 20171108
πŸ“Gopher related software 20171025
πŸ“Zooming with emacs, tmux or stumpwm 20171025
πŸ“Gentoo port of the week: Nethogs 20171017
πŸ“How to limit bandwidth usage of emerge in Gentoo 20171016
πŸ“Display manually installed packages on FreeBSD 11 20170816
πŸ“Using firefox on Guix distribution 20170816
πŸ“Using emacs to manage mails with mu4e 20170615
πŸ“Fold functions in emacs 20170516
πŸ“How to change Firefox locale to ... esperanto? 20170514
πŸ“Markup languages comparison 20170413
πŸ“OpenBSD 6.1 released 20170411
πŸ“Connect to pfsense box console by usb 20170410
πŸ“List of useful tools 20170322
πŸ“How to check your data integrity? 20170317
πŸ“Port of the week: rss2email 20170124
πŸ“Dovecot: folder appears empty 20170123
πŸ“New cl-yag version 20170121
πŸ“Let's encrypt on OpenBSD in 5 minutes 20170120
πŸ“How to use ssh tramp on Emacs Windows? 20170118
πŸ“Convert mailbox to maildir with dovecot 20170117
πŸ“Port of the week: entr 20170107
πŸ“Emacs 25: save cursor position 20161208
πŸ“Port of the week: dnscrypt-proxy 20161019
πŸ“How to publish a git repository on http 20161007
πŸ“Port of the week: rlwrap 20161004
πŸ“Common LISP: How to open an SSL / TLS stream 20160926
πŸ“Port of the week: stumpwm 20160921
πŸ“Redirect stdin into a variable in shell 20160912
πŸ“Android phone and Unix 20160906
πŸ“How to kill processes by their name 20160825
πŸ“Automatically mute your Firefox tab 20160817
πŸ“Port of the week: pwgen 20160812
πŸ“Website now compatible gopher ! 20160811
πŸ“Port of the week: feh 20160808
πŸ“Port of the week: Puddletag 20160720
πŸ“Port of the week: Profanity 20160712
πŸ“Stop being tracked by Google search with Firefox 20160704
πŸ“Port of the week: OpenSCAD 20160704
πŸ“Port of the week: arandr 20160627
πŸ“Port of the week: x2x 20160623
πŸ“Git cheat sheet 20160608
πŸ“How to send html signature in mu4e 20160607
πŸ“My Stumpwm config on OpenBSD 20160606
πŸ“Port of the week: mbuffer 20160531
πŸ“FreeBSD 11 and Perc H720P Mini raid controller 20160525
πŸ“Port of the week: rdesktop 20160520
πŸ“Mbsync and imap login problem 20160517
πŸ“Resize live UFS filesystem on FreeBSD 11 20160517
πŸ“Git push to non-bare repository 20160517
πŸ“Port of the week: sxiv 20160513
πŸ“Port of the week: bwm-ng 20160506
πŸ“My mutt cheat sheet 20160503
πŸ“My zsh cheat sheet 20160503
πŸ“Simple emacs config 20160502
πŸ“How to add a route through a specific interface on FreeBSD 10 20160502