Title : Neomutt cheatsheet
Author: Solène
Date  : 23 April 2019
Tags  : neomutt openbsd

I switched from a homemade script using mblaze to neomutt (after being using mutt, alpine and mu4e) and it's difficult to remember everything. So, let's do a cheatsheet!

- Mark as read: Ctrl+R
- Mark to delete: d
- Execute deletion: $
- Tag a mail: t
- Operation on tagged mails: ;[OP] with OP being the key for that operation.
- Move a mail: s (for save, which is a copy + delete)
- Save a mail: c (for copy)

### Delete mails based on date

- use `T` to enter a date range, format [before]-[after] with before/after being a DD/MM/YYYY format (YYYY is optional)
- `~d 24/04-` to mark mails after 24/04 of this year
- `~d -24/04` to mark mails before 24/04 of this year
- `~d 24/04-25/04` to mark mails between 24/04 and 25/04 (inclusive)
- `;d` to tell neomutt we want to delete marked mails
- `$` to make deletion happen