Title : Vger gemini server can now redirect
Author: Solène
Date  : 02 January 2021
Tags  : gemini

I added a new feature to Vger gemini server.
=> https://tildegit.org/solene/vger Vger git repository

The protocol supports status code including redirections, Vger had no way to know if an user wanted to redirect a page to another. The redirection litteraly means "You asked for this content but it is now at that place, load it from there".

To keep it with vger Unix way, a redirection is done using a symbolic link:

The following command would redirect requests from gemini://perso.pw/blog/index.gmi to gemini://perso.pw/blog/index.gmi:

```shell command
ln -s "gemini://perso.pw/capsule/index.gmi" blog/index.gmi

Unfortunately, this doesn't support globbing, in other words it is not possible to redirect everything from `/blog/` to `/capsule/` without creating a symlink for all previous resources to their new locations.