Title : Vincent Delft talk at FOSDEM 2019: OpenBSD as a full-featured NAS
Author: Solène
Date  : 05 February 2019
Tags  : unix openbsd

Hi, I rarely post about external links or other people work, but at [FOSDEM
2019](https://fosdem.org/2019/) [Vincent Delft](http://vincentdelft.be) had a
talk about running OpenBSD as a full featured NAS.

I do use OpenBSD on my NAS, I wanted to write an article about it since long
time but never did it. Thanks to Vincent, I can just share his work which is
very very interesting if you plan to make your own NAS.

- [Link to the slides](https://www.vincentdelft.be/static/post/post_20190203/openbsd-as-nas.pdf)
- [Link to Vincent blog post](https://www.vincentdelft.be/post/post_20190203) (contains extra comments)
- [Link to Video recording](https://fosdem.org/2019/schedule/event/openbsd_nas_system/)

Videos can be downloaded directly with following links provided by Fosdem:

- [WebM/VP9 version](https://video.fosdem.org/2019/K.3.401/openbsd_nas_system.webm)
- [MP4 version](https://video.fosdem.org/2019/K.3.401/openbsd_nas_system.mp4)