Title : Tor part 6: onionshare for sharing files anonymously
Author: Solène
Date  : 21 November 2018
Tags  : tor unix network openbsd68

If for some reasons you need to share a file anonymously, this can be done
through Tor using the port net/onionshare. Onionshare will start a web server
displaying an unique page with a list of shared files and a *Download Files*
button leading to a zip file.

While waiting for a download, onionshare will display HTTP logs. By default,
onionshare will exit upon successful download of the files but this can be
changed with the flag --stay-open.

Its usage is very simple, execute **onionshare** with the list of files to
share, as you can see in the following example:

    solene@computer ~ $ onionshare Epictetus-The_Enchiridion.txt
    Onionshare 1.3 | https://onionshare.org/
    Connecting to the Tor network: 100% - Done
    Configuring onion service on port 17616.
    Starting ephemeral Tor onion service and awaiting publication
    Settings saved to /home/solene/.config/onionshare/onionshare.json
    Preparing files to share.
     * Running on (Press CTRL+C to quit)
    Give this address to the person you're sending the file to:

    Press Ctrl-C to stop server

Now, I need to give the address `http://3ngjewzijwb4znjf.onion/hybrid-marbled`
to the receiver who will need a web browser with Tor to download it.