Title : Presenting drist at BitreichCON 2018
Author: Solène
Date  : 21 August 2018
Tags  : unix drist automation

Still about bitreich conference 2018, I've been presenting **drist**,
an utility for server deployment (like salt/puppet/ansible...) that I

**drist** makes deployments easy to understand and easy to
  extend. Basically, it has 3 steps:

1. copying a local file tree on the remote server (for deploying files)
2. delete files on the remote server if they are present in a local tree
3. execute a script on the remote server

Each step is run if the according file/folder exists, and for each
step, it's possible to have a general / per-host setup.

How to fetch **drist**

    git clone git://bitreich.org/drist

It was my very first talk in english, please be indulgent.

[Plain text slides (tgz)](https://perso.pw/bitreichcon2018/drist-solene.tgz)

[MP3 of the talk](https://perso.pw/bitreichcon2018/bitreichcon2018-drist-solene-talk.mp3)

[MP3 of questions/answers](https://perso.pw/bitreichcon2018/bitreichcon2018-drist-solene-qa.mp3)

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