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Browse bitreich.org gopher using tor (You need your computer to be configured
to proxy .onion URIs accordingly with for example torsocks(1).):
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πŸ“See the Gopher Onion Initiative.
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Bitreich is a collaborative project to make the open source world a bit
better. By spreading the idea of simplicity in project examples and by
living this culture, we hope to make the world a better place.
πŸ“„See the Bitreich Manifesto.
πŸ“„See the Bitreich Organisation.
πŸ“„See the Bitreich Branches.
πŸ“„See the History of Bitreich.
There is no code of conduct, we have the human rights.
πŸ“„Hacker Manifesto
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β›“To follow source code changes, follow #bitreich-scm.
πŸ“If you want to contribute to bitreich.org, you have to agree to the VLA.
πŸ“Stop SCRUM! Think of the children!
πŸ“„2021-09-11 – Β»(1<<13)|(1<<10)|(1<<1)|0x102 BAN party today!Β« by 20h
πŸ“„2021-09-09 – Β»Stop Scrum! Think of the Children!Β« by 20h
πŸ“„2021-09-07 – Β»Digitalisation Addicts Anonymous: We help you!Β« by 20h
πŸ“„2021-08-28 – Β»(1<<10)|0x2400|(1<<7)|0x20|(1<<0) BAN party now.Β« by 20h
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β›“Conference IRC: ircs://irc.bitreich.org:6697/#bitreich-con
πŸ“Bitreich End-Year-Meetings
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β›“English: ircs://irc.bitreich.org:6697/#bitreich-en
β›“Deutsch: ircs://irc.bitreich.org:6697/#bitreich-de
⛓Français: ircs://irc.bitreich.org:6697/#bitreich-fr
β›“Nederlands: ircs://irc.bitreich.org:6697/#bitreich-nl
β›“Italiano: ircs://irc.bitreich.org:6697/#bitreich-it
For other channels, related to certain projects, see those sites.
πŸ“Find your Date tonight! Use Bitreich Dating!
We help digitalisation addicts to leave the sect and rehabilitate:
πŸ“Digitalisation Addicts Anonymous
πŸ“We like to cook.
β›“See what we cook on #bitreich-cooking.
Help us building a nice sorted directory of the gopherspace:
πŸ“THE GOPHER LAWN – THE gopher directory
πŸ“Gopher Tutorials Project
Run more gopherholes on tor!
πŸ“The Gopher Onion Initiative
πŸ“You are missing a gopher client? Use our kiosk mode.
β›“ssh kiosk@bitreich.org
Further gopherspace links:
πŸ“The Gopher Project
Search the global gopherspace at Veronica II
Search the global gopherspace using quarry
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You can listen to our radio.
πŸͺBitreich Radio
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πŸ“„Bitreich Quality Assurance
πŸ“Have you used the Unix 1-liner Five Fridays Funfair rides?
Try out the bitreich point and click adventure.
πŸ“Day Of The GrParazyd (NSFW)
You need to cancel someone because you feel triggered?
πŸ“Use Bitreich Cancel and send the mob!
Missing an editor around?
β›“Use the Ed Cloud.
In case you are horny and need to masturbate, try
πŸ“Please visit the XML Strip Club.
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Do you fail at university?
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You want a long penis?
πŸ“Use our penis extension service.
Check out, if your gopher client supports a certain Web API.
πŸ“Can I use?
What rocks?
πŸ“Library of rocking stuff.
Are you data offended?
πŸ“Data offence is spreading. We have to stop it!
You are citizen of the perl republic?
πŸ“Follow the rules!
Are you tired of friendships?
πŸ“Friendless is for you.
You need fans?
πŸ“Only Fans for you.
You do not want to be special?
πŸ“Build some snowmen.
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πŸ“„Want a banana?
πŸ“„Gunther is here.
Want to see how fast we develop?
πŸ“See Forgeperf results.
πŸ“Order your personal mariachi band home, as a service!
You feel sick?
Enter your symptoms.
Do you know your future?
πŸ“Ask the cards.
Are you a plane?
πŸ“Try to land.
Have you had a bad day?
πŸ“Have a joke.
Do you use a vt100-emulator?
πŸ“See vt100 resources.
8What is your IP for me?
πŸ“„Built-in blockchain support.
πŸ“·We are MISRA-certified.
πŸ“„We are FRENCH-certified.
πŸ“·Works on Sacc 1
πŸ“·Works on Sacc 2