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to proxy .onion URIs accordingly with for example torsocks(1).):
πŸ“Bitreich Onion Service
Bitreich is a collaborative project to make the open source world a bit
better. By spreading the idea of simplicity in project examples and by
living this culture, we hope to make the world a better place.
There is no code of conduct, we have the human rights.
πŸ“„Hacker Manifesto
πŸ“„2021-04-18 – Β»Bitreich repository reporting changed.Β« by 20h
πŸ“„2021-04-04 – Β»BAN Easter Party ReportΒ« by 20h
πŸ“„2021-04-03 – Β»Geomyidae release postponed by eight weeks.Β« by 20h
πŸ“„2021-04-03 – Β»Brcon 2021 Week PollΒ« by 20h
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To follow the source code changes, join:
All new tags/versions/release are reported on #bitreich-en too.
Changes of certain repositories are reported in their specific channel:
For annna changes see #bitreich-memes.
For gopher-lawn changes see #bitreich-lawn.
Help us building a nice sorted directory of the gopherspace:
πŸ“THE GOPHER LAWN – THE gopher directory
β›“See changes on IRC: ircs://chat.freenode.net:6697/#bitreich-lawn
Collect and create a repository to help people coming to gopher:
πŸ“Gopher Tutorials Project
Run more gopherholes on tor!
πŸ“The Gopher Onion Initiative
πŸ“You are missing a gopher client? Use our kiosk mode.
β›“ssh kiosk@bitreich.org
Further gopherspace links:
πŸ“The Gopher Project - a project for gopherspace entry.
Search the global gopherspace at Veronica II
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πŸ“Bitreich Radio
β›“Radio: ircs://chat.freenode.net:6697/#bitreich-radio
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β›“TV: ircs://chat.freenode.net:6697/#bitreich-tv
πŸ“Bitreich Cooking
β›“Cooking: ircs://chat.freenode.net:6697/#bitreich-cooking
πŸ“Bitreich Memes
β›“Meme: ircs://chat.freenode.net:6697/#bitreich-meme
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β›“Conference IRC: ircs://chat.freenode.net:6697/#bitreich-con
πŸ“Bitreich End-Year-Meetings
Come and join us on IRC!
β›“English: ircs://chat.freenode.net:6697/#bitreich-en
β›“Deutsch: ircs://chat.freenode.net:6697/#bitreich-de
⛓Français: ircs://chat.freenode.net:6697/#bitreich-fr
β›“Nederlands: ircs://chat.freenode.net:6697/#bitreich-nl
β›“Italiano: ircs://chat.freenode.net:6697/#bitreich-it
For other channels, related to certain projects, see those sites.
You can listen to our radio.
β›“Bitreich Radio
Or watch our TV channels.
πŸ“Bitreich TV
Try out the bitreich point and click adventure.
πŸ“Day Of The GrParazyd (NSFW)
You need to cancel someone because you feel triggered?
πŸ“Use Bitreich Cancel and send the mob!
In case you are horny and need to masturbate, try
You want to go Oneline?
πŸ“Go with Bitreich Oneline.
Do you fail at university?
πŸ“Get some ECTS credits for free.
Are you uneducated?
πŸ“Get your meme degree here.
You skipped classes?
πŸ“You are a saboteur!
Check out, if your gopher client supports a certain Web API.
πŸ“Can I use?
What rocks?
πŸ“Library of rocking stuff.
Are you data offended?
πŸ“Data offence is spreading. We have to stop it!
Are you tired of friendships?
πŸ“Friendless is for you.
You do not want to be special?
πŸ“Build some snowmen.
Want to hang out with your friends or alone?
β›“ssh gameroom@bitreich.org
πŸ“„Want a banana?
πŸ“„Gunther is here.
Want to see how fast we develop?
πŸ“See Forgeperf results.
πŸ“Order your personal mariachi band home, as a service!
You feel sick?
Enter your symptoms.
Do you know your future?
πŸ“Ask the cards.
Are you a plane?
πŸ“Try to land.
Have you had a bad day?
πŸ“Have a joke.
Do you use a vt100-emulator?
πŸ“See vt100 resources.
8What is your IP for me?
πŸ“„Built-in blockchain support.
πŸ“·We are MISRA-certified.
πŸ“„We are FRENCH-certified.
πŸ“·Works on Sacc 1
πŸ“·Works on Sacc 2