# 2021-07-20 22:32:03.085249 UTC (+0000)

I'm happy to announce my one evening project potcasse!

I believe that podcasts (like an audio blog) are a great
way to transmit information, knowledge and emotions to
an audience. While text files are right to describe and
explain, it's really hard to communicate how passionate
one can be about a topic.

Because podcasts seems to be an industry, many companies
offer services like podcast hosting and integration
with well known apps.  If one wants to self host their
podcast distribution, only unreliable programs such as
nextcloud or wordpress can be found.

It was time to provide a simple alternative for
enthusiasts wanting to give their voice but not to give
up their freedom!

potcasse generates a RSS feed, an index.html file and
a simple hierarchy that can be copied on a remote
server.  It uses a few variables in a file to be
configured and most of the work is done automatically
while still giving power to the user in case of
more complex needs.

Source code available on bitreich's git: