# 2021-07-13 18:36:38.747553 UTC (+0000)

Brcon2021: Notice On The Bits Received.

Bitreich members,  ed(1) contest winners  and people sending  an address
received or receive the #bit-reich bits:


Those are  bits made in  the Bitreich TI/CI/AI (Turtle,  Chicken, Animal
Intelligence) Lab.

Like  qubit but  with  multi-dimensional states.  See  #titititi for  an
example  from our  Lab for  how  to use  them (replace  green leaf  with
specialized hibiscus bit).


All kind  of calculates  with all  kind of  animal intelligences  can be
done.  Please try  them  out and  report  to the  lab  for our  outreach

Gophers like hibiscus too!

Just beware:
> The ASPCA advises that hibiscus is toxic to dogs, cats and horses.

Use different abits (animal bits) there please.

Have  fun exploring  new ways  of intelligence  in an  eco-friendly way,
without wasting electricity and provoking global warming!

Sincerely yours,

Chief Intelligence Officer (CIO)